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We carry a full line of paper products and janitorial supplies as well as garbage bags and chemical cleaners

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41539 #63/light duty sponger scrubber

For cleaning cafeteria areas and washroom facilities. Use in combination with cleaning solutions for faster action.
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41541 #96/Jif-Y-Clean green medium scouring and cleaning pad

For areas where aggressive cleaning is required. Cleans equipment, metal surfaces and ideal for wall switch plates.
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41590 #88/ultra duty pot & pan scouring pad

Easily removes the most stubborn, baked on deposits from pots and pans.
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41651 #74/medium duty sponge scrubber

Excellent for countertops, wall switch plates and around door knobs. Use in combination with cleaning solutions for faster action.
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41653 7-AU medium cellulose sponge

Excellent for larger jobs such as walls, ceilings or shelves. Useful in building maintenance.
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41664 8-AU large cellulose sponge

Perfect for bigger hands and jobs that involve larger spills or gathering of solids. Also used for vehicle maintenance.
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41667 #98/Jif-Y-Clean white fine scouring pad

Non-abrasive for light clean-up jobs on ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel and painted surfaces.
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41671 55A/Griddle Screen

Griddle screens are for those times when you do not need to clean a heavily charred grill or for use after cleaning with a Grillbrick®
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