Most department store vacuums require hard-to-get parts or filters, leaving you with a vacuum designed to fail. At Bridge Vacuum we focus on getting our customers vacuums that will last. That’s why we don’t sell anything that we can’t fix, or get parts for.

With a wide variety of vacuums to fit any job, from wet/dry shop vacuums to stick vacs, and the expertise to help you find the right vacuum for you, we help you make cleaning easier.

Enjoy Free Delivery within Lethbridge city limits on orders of $99 or more!

Please note: We don’t list every single part that we carry on our website, so if you have questions about anything we carry, please contact us.

Residential Vacuum Parts

Your vacuum has  sucked up dirt and grime for more years than you care to remember, never letting you down until now. But just because you can’t find parts, doesn’t mean you need to hunt for another vacuum that will last half as long as old faithful.

Our “boneyard” of old vacuums, and extensive experience repairing and maintaining old vacuums gives us the ability to service old vacuums that are no longer in production. And even if we don’t have the parts in the back, we can often track them down.

No matter the style of your vacuum, we offer:

  • Bags
  • Belts
  • Filters
  • Parts and accessories

We can even help you find out what vacuum you have so that you can get the right parts and accessories.

Need a specialty part for your vacuum?

Call us to talk with a specialist now about which part you need