Vacuums 101 - Choosing The Right Vacuum

When people start shopping for a vacuum they are often overwhelmed by all of the choices available. With so many vacuum product options, many shoppers default to what they are used to, without truly considering if it’s the right vacuum for them. That means they may be settling on a unit when there’s a better option available for their needs.

When you match your vacuum to your home, cleaning becomes easier.

Canister, Uprights and Central Vacs

The biggest choice buyers need to make is between the three main types of vacuums: canisters, uprights, and central vacuums. At Bridge Vacuum we carry an array of solid brands in each category, but the best upright is going to make cleaning a chore if your home is full of stairs. So, instead of looking at vacuums first, let’s start by looking at your home. Once you’ve looked at what’s inside your home, you can better match a vacuum cleaner to it.

Go through this checklist:

Does your home have...

  • Wall-to-wall carpeting?
  • Hardwood floors?
  • Area rugs?
  • Stairs?
  • A central vac, or central vac ports roughed in?

Upright Vacuums

Upright Vacuum

Uprights come into their own on carpeting and over area rugs. Uprights that feature bags are particularly good at cleaning homes with thick-pile wall-to-wall carpeting.

Simple and easy to use, an upright vacuum is contained inside one unit that rolls easily, but is not as versatile as other vacuum cleaners. These units are great for quick cleaning in easy to reach areas.

Canister Vacuums

Wonder Straight Suction Canister with Turbo Nozzle 3

Canisters make it easy to move around and tackle difficult obstacles like stairs. They also tend to shine on hard surfaces, like hardwood and tile.

Consisting of two separate parts, a canister’s body contains the motor and bag, with a hose that extends to the cleaning implement. Canister vacuums are slightly more difficult to use, but their separate parts make them much more versatile, allowing for easier cleaning in tighter areas such as beneath couches and around furniture.

Central Vacuums

Beam 200A and Straight Air Package

With their variety of attachments, and lack of a heavy canister/bags, central vacuums feature the best of both worlds, offering the longest life span, the least maintenance and the most versatility in a single, centrally mounted vacuum.

The Rolls-Royce of vacuum cleaners, central vacs sport a centrally-mounted canister and a hose that conveniently connects to outlets located throughout the house.

Other vacuum types

Stick vacs, robotic and handheld vacuums are convenient options for small messes or for spot-cleaning, but none of them offer the cleaning power that a canister, upright or central vacuum has.

Fine-tuning your vacuum needs

Now that you know which vacuum type is best for your home, it’s time to drill into those finer details, to truly match your vacuum to your cleaning needs.

Read reviews and ask for guidance

Now that you’ve considered your home, you understand how to fit your vacuum around it. Check out vacuum reviews online and find a knowledgeable salesperson who can help you find a vacuum which offers the features you’re looking for. Have a lot of stairs? Look for lighter units. Concerned your carpeting isn’t getting the clean it needs? Look for a motorized brush.

The ideal vacuum cleaner for you

We want to help make cleaning easier for you. Visit Bridge Vacuum’s showroom today and find the perfect vacuum cleaner for you!

Contact us to learn more or visit our showroom.

Try Before You Buy

Seeing is believing, and so by visiting an actual vacuum showroom, you can see a unit you’re considering in action.

Bridge Vacuum’s showroom is packed with a variety of vacuum cleaners you can test out yourself. Being able to maneuver it around, pick it up and demo it, gives you a great idea of how it’s going to clean on a weekly basis. Finding a vacuum that feels just right will make all the difference in your routine.

Bagged Vs Bagless Vacuums

For most vacuum types, you have the choice between a bagged or bagless system. Each offers their own set of pros and cons:

Bagless Vacuum Systems


  • Cost saving as no replacement bags are needed
  • You can see everything you pick up
  • Often cheaper


  • Dumping dirt is more of a hassle and is messier
  • Cleaning the unit is more time-consuming and messy
  • Longevity of most units is much shorter
  • Usually exhausts more particulate back into the room
  • Can be smelly due to the particulate exhaust
  • Filters can cost more than bags if changed when recommended

Bagged Vacuum Systems


  • Cleaner system as it keeps allergens and dirt contained inside bags
  • Less filter maintenance needed
  • Most units last longer
  • Longer warranties
  • Less service needed
  • Suction will last longer


  • Need to purchase bags
  • Usually more expensive, higher-end vacuums

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