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Cloths & Sponges

With an array of cloths and sponges to choose from, you can have a veritable library of cleaning fabrics to work with that will make every cleaning job that much more effective.

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16" X 16" Microfiber Cloth 240GSM

16″ X 16″ Microfiber Cloth 240GSM, Blue

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16" X 16" Terry Cloth 28oz - 60 Cloths

16″ X 16″ Terry Cloth 28oz – 60 Cloths

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2-Pack Small Erase-It Sponge

2-Pack Small Erase-It Sponge

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6" X 4" H.D. Cellulose Scrub Sponge

6″ X 4″ H.D. Cellulose Scrub Sponge, Green/Yellow

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